Who are the YouTubers with the most prominent merch?

Who are the YouTubers with the most prominent merch?

YouTubers have turned into one of the most prominent groups around the world. This has led to so many of them releasing merch to strengthen their brand. Let’s take a look at the best YouTuber merch that has been released over the years.

Over the years, YouTuber merch has gone up in quality. During the early years of YouTubers releasing their merch, they were not good. They looked like cheap replicas of band shirts that you see from time to time. As years passed, YouTubers began to improve to the point that they became legitimate clothing lines.

Of course, clothes are not the only merch that you can expect from YouTubers. There have been tons of YouTubers who have shown that there is potential in releasing products like mugs, makeup lines, food products, and many more. 

With so many options on the market, we will look at the top stars of the merch industry on the YouTuber side. Since you’re here on Unspeakable Merchandise, let’s look at the top YouTubers who are on par with our favourite American YouTuber and their stories. 

Sidemen Clothing

The Sidemen is a seven-man YouTuber group from the United Kingdom which was founded in 2013. They are composed of the biggest YouTubers in the country and they all started in the gaming sphere. They mostly focused on creating Grand Theft Auto V, Call of Duty, and FIFA content during their early years. Now, they are creating a variety of content on their main channel that focuses on big challenges and comedic videos.

In terms of their merch, Sidemen Clothing is one of the pioneers of the YouTuber merch. You can look at their most recent releases and you can see that they mostly focus on streetwear. They mostly specialize in t-shirts and hoodies but they’ve also made some products like phone cases, hats, and many more.

The Sidemen themselves have become a stronger brand than most because not only are the titans of the merch game, they also have a footprint in food and drinks. As the Sidemen, they released XIX Vodka in 2021 to people in the UK. This was a big hit for the Sidemen since they managed to release a drink to huge acclaim. 

They didn’t stop there because they also released Sides in 2021 which is their restaurant chain in the UK and the United Arab Emirates. As the years pass, the Sidemen will continue to grow as they branch out further out of the merch game and capitalize on their amazing brand power in the UK.

Teddy Fresh

H3h3 Productions is one of the most beloved YouTube personalities on the platform. The channel started as a commentary channel that reacted to problematic videos in a comedic style typically headlined by Ethan Klein. The channel kept growing during the 2010s and it culminated in Ethan and his wife Hila Klein, releasing their clothing line, Teddy Fresh. 

This brand’s main aesthetic is the bright colours of children’s wear but put into high fashion designs. You can have the cool streetwear that is the trend nowadays but they have the bright colours and symbols that you typically see from kids. This has worked out well for the brand because adults typically wear darker shades but Teddy Fresh gives them a chance to look younger and stand out with the colour choices.

This clothing line is not just focused on shirts and pants but they have also dabbled in hats, bags, accessories, and many more. Teddy Fresh will keep growing as a brand especially since h3h3 has also released a stellar podcast that is one of the biggest in the world.


As a homage to their love for Japanese culture, the world’s biggest YouTuber Felix ‘Pewdiepie’ Kjellberg and his wife Marzia Kjellberg released Tsuki back in 2018. In Japanese culture, Tsuki means moon and it draws so many influences from the Land of the Rising Sun. The clothes that Tsuski sells are similar to what you see with Teddy Fresh but there is more of a Japanese twist on the idea.

This brand is mostly minimalistic but there are times when the designs can be fun and bombastic. One of the biggest draws of this brand is that they are cruelty-free and ethically made. That is important because the fashion industry has had its fair share of ups and downs when it comes to the making of its clothes. Felix and Marzia proved that they always think of doing it the right way as opposed to prioritizing quantity over quality.

As the biggest solo YouTuber in the world, Felix has proven that he can sell some products over the years. However, Tsuki is probably one of his biggest achievements because he did it with his loving wife who was once a popular YouTuber as well before she decided to step away. 


Mark ‘Markiplier’ Edward Fischbach and Seán ‘Jacksepticeye’ William McLoughlin are two of the most well-known YouTubers of all time. They are also two of the most well-loved stars on the internet because they create awesome content and they pride themselves on being two of the nicest people. They are incredibly wholesome as they love to use their platforms in the right way. They love to tackle issues head-on so they can help people in need.

They collaborated to make CLOAK which is one of the biggest YouTuber clothing lines out there. With the rapport they’ve built with their fans over the years, it’s not a surprise that when they made CLOAK, it was a big hit.

They created a clothing line that best-fit people’s lifestyles and bodies. They wanted to make clothes that not only look cool but feel comfortable as well. That made sense to them because they wanted to release products that people actually want because of the quality not only because they endorsed it.

Maverick Clothing

As one of the world’s most infamous YouTubers, Logan Paul is a divisive figure among the audience. However, a factor that can’t be denied is the power he has in the merch game. Maverick Clothing is one of the most influential merch lines in the digital space because Logan strengthened its value over the years. 

With constant plugs on his channel, Logan managed to make Maverick one of the highest-selling merch lines of all time. Back in the day, the designs were mediocre which is expected given that the merch game wasn’t refined back then. Similarly to Sidemen Clothing, Maverick became one of the most bought merch of all time. 

Adorned with the logo of Logan’s pet parrot, Maverick, this merch line has truly grown from the ground up. Logan was once a Vine star but turned into YouTube’s top vlogger. He moved from vlogging to focusing on creating content for his Pokémon card channel and he even had endeavours in boxing where he fought Sidemen star Olajide ‘KSI’ Olatunji and the legendary Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Nowadays, Logan has not only become a titan in the merch game but he has also dabbled in the energy drink industry. In early 2022, Logan partnered up with his former boxing rival, KSI to create PRIME Hydration which has become a big hit during its early stages.

Giant Hugs

Ryan ‘nigahiga’ Higa is one of the original YouTube stars from the late 2000s. His channel was the most subscribed channel on the platform for about two years from 2009 to 2011. While he has branched out to Twitch and his own podcast, Off the Pill, Higa has also released a merch line called Giant Hugs. 

With Higa’s brand of wholesome comedy, he built a culture around being nice to everyone. This has translated well into his merch line which is just a microcosm of his approach. Giant Hugs’ biggest values are kindness, generosity, and community which are all principles that Higa lives by. 

A large portion of Higa’s sales with his Giant Hugs go to charities that can help people who are suffering. Higa has always wanted to be a shining beacon for people through his content and he has also helped so many people over the years with his funny videos. Now, his Giant Hugs merch line is not only quality clothes but you can also expect it to help other people when buying it.

Dude Perfect

As one of the biggest YouTuber groups on the platform, Dude Perfect has made a living out of its zany and bombastic content. Ever since its rise in the early stages of YouTube, Dude Perfect has always been about trick basketball shots. That kind of unbelievable trick shots made them stand out because they make near-impossible shots in their videos.

While everyone knows that is hard work, their personalities also came through the screen. Dude Perfect has become a mega-brand for them as they continue to make videos that tackle impossible challenges and their reliable trick shot videos. 

When it comes to their merch, Dude Perfect knows their audience because they love to release the t-shirts with their logo on them but they also have books that give them facts about every member. There is even some sports apparel on their site which fits their brand of people focused on basketball and American football.

These are just a few of the hundreds of merchandise that you can get from YouTubers. It has become a norm for big-name stars to release their own merch line and it will continue to happen as time goes on. You can expect the next big YouTuber to release his own merch and possibly challenge the titans that were named here including Unspeakable Merch.

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