Top 9 Taylor Swift merch that every fan should have

Top 9 Taylor Swift merch that every fan should have

It doesn’t matter if you are an avid fan or a casual fan of the iconic singer, Taylor Swift. Having an item that reminds you of your idol will make you go over the moon and beyond. To help you in your first purchase of her merch, Unspeakable Merch rounds up the top merch must-have items from the ‘Lover’ era that every Taylor Swift fan. Check them out below.

Lover box set

The Lover box set contains the album, posters and, tote bag with stickers. The CD can be bought on its own for only 11.79 dollars if ever they rant out of the box set because it’s known to sell out fast.

Lover deluxe edition

The deluxe edition of Taylor Swift’s album contains two bonus audio memos from the singer’s songwriting process. As a bonus, the package comes with a blank notepad for those times when inspiration strikes while listening to Swift’s latest personal songs.

Lover limited-edition cassette tape

The cassette tape player of Lover features 18 tracks divided into two sides of the cassette. There are only 5000 cassettes produced, and it’s more expensive than the cd itself. 

Lover limited-edition vinyl

The limited-edition Lover vinyl features the album on vinyl and is spread over two discs, pink and blue. If you are a vinyl collector, you can’t miss this version to add to your dream collection.

Heart design cropped crewneck

On Taylor Swift’s website. The singer teased her fans with a high-fashion collab with the famous women’s wear designer, Stella McCartney. The heart design cropped crewneck features a simple design with bright and bold colours. This crewneck is perfect to wear when you’ve bought tickets to Taylor Swift’s concert and show her some love.

Taylor Swift edition Fujifilm Instax Square SQ6

Planning to take pictures in Taylor Swift style? This limited-edition set contains the famous Fujifilm Instax instant film camera covered in Taylor Swift-inspired design. The collection features an instant camera, one pack of instant film and a camera strap with a lens cleaning cloth. This is one of the best-selling T.S merch out there, so don’t miss out on it before it sells out.

Reputation era song sticker 

These sticker decals are taken from Taylor Swift’s song lyrics in her Reputation album. The stickers have a vampy design, a campy kiss-off that can be stuck on your laptop and guitar case. You don’t have to worry about removing it because it does not leave any residue.

Cornelia street tote bag

One of the best mech for every on the go fan out there. We all know that tote bags are convenient and come with many functions. What more if it’s a Taylor Siwft merch right? This reusable and multi-purpose tote bag has a street sign print of Cornelia street and is made from 100% cotton. The bag is sturdy and has a lot of space for your important items. 

Ultimate Taylor Swift fan book

Are you the ultimate Taylor Swift fan? You can prove it by buying this book of trivia, quotes, lyrics, and random facts. It’s fun to use when asking friends and fellow fans about random knowledge of Taylor Swift. For the best place to shop Taylor Swift merch with reasonable prices, browse our site, Unspeakable Merch.

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