8 Online shopping tips to shop smart

Online shopping is continuously becoming a popular and convenient option for buyers. However, with many scams and fraudulent activities online, shopping online can be a nightmare if done wrong. To help you have a proper and safe online shopping experience, Unspeakable Merch gives you these online shopping tips.

Only shop at secure sites

Always verify the site’s validity and security measures before providing any sensitive information. Checking for ‘https’ at the start of the address bar is the quickest and surest way to detect if a site is secure. If ‘https’ does not follow the ‘http’ in the URL, the site is not encrypted and is not safe for your information. To ensure safety, only genuine online retailers will display the ‘s’ in their URL.

Skip the debit card

Credit cards and online payment services like PayPal are the most secure methods of payment when making purchases online. When using a debit card, your financial info is more at risk of theft because of the direct connection to your bank account.

Always update your software

One of the simplest ways to safeguard your data is to update your software, but many people put it off. When new attacks are created, software updates are deployed to help strengthen security. As annoying as it can be to wait for your computer or your smartphone to finish updating and restart, the security benefits far outweigh the minor inconvenience. In the future, when prompted, update your programme.

Be wary of email scams

Email scammers often utilise the holidays to spread malware and viruses by pretending to be offering a free gift or other limited-time promotion. Do not open attachments from unknown senders or websites. 

Bogus alerts or problems with your account that appear to come from your bank or other financial institution are other tactics criminals use to trick you into giving up sensitive information. Never provide your account info in response to an email requesting it, and always contact the bank directly if you suspect a problem.

Avoid clicking on links

Be wary of suspicious links on social media as well as phishing emails. Keep your eyes on incredible discounts, freebies, and prizes. If you’re seriously considering clicking on an offer, it’s a good idea to do some background checking to see if others have already taken advantage of it.

Use secure and strong passwords

This piece of guidance can seem like a broken record, but there’s a good reason for that: it’s crucial. Passwords that are both difficult to guess and easy to remember are your best defence against unauthorised access to sensitive data. 

Don’t be lazy and reuse the same password across different sites; update it. Use a password manager to develop and store the kinds of lengthy, difficult passwords that no hacker would bother trying to crack.

Be careful when giving information

You can expect to be asked for personal information on most shopping websites you frequent. When filling up the info sheet and you see some items that aren’t required to be filled, leave those blank. 

The more information about yourself that is publicly available, the easier it is for a criminal to target you. And before you give any site access to your personal info, you should check their privacy policy to see if and how your data will be shared.

Be careful when using shopping apps

The convenience of apps has made them ripe targets for identity theft. Shopping apps should only be downloaded from trusted sources such as the Apple App Store or Google Play. Watch out for apps that ask for too much access. 

Make sure you don’t give the app permission to access anything suspicious, like your contact list. One further precaution you can take to avoid downloading malicious software is to read the comments and reviews from other users.

For more smart and safety tips when shopping online, visit our site, Unspeakable Merch. 

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