3 Most profitable entertainment franchises ever

3 Most profitable entertainment franchises ever 

With the rise of the internet, there is a potential for the entertainment industry to flourish, even more. Aside from agriculture and technology, the entertainment industry combined make up trillions of dollars in net worth.

This means that the top entertainment franchises, whether it be movies or video games, have appealed to people so much that they have become the driving force in the economy. 

While some are more profitable than others, the top 10 franchises alone can equal that of a 3rd world country’s gross domestic product numbers. 

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‘Gotta Catch Em’ All!’ is the famous tagline the pokemon franchise carries that earned $109 billion in revenue since it was released in 1996. What started as a Gameboy game with Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow, the world took this revolutionary game incredible which led to 13 more games in the franchise.

With its mascot, Pikachu, the Pokemon Company has generated more from their other merchandise like Anime and toys that added to their total revenue which is a lot. 

Pokemon is still a running theme in video games. It will continue to do so unless they somehow make bad games or people just lose interest in the franchise. After over 2 decades of incredible display in sales and merchandise, it looks like it won’t be slowing down anytime soon.

Hello Kitty 

Another Japanese company makes it to the top 3 of most profitable entertainment franchises of all time due to its iconic image and many merchandises. This popular Japanese character started as a short animation show that started in 1974. 

The appeal of Hello Kitty is obviously in its branding. Because it has a great look for merchandising potential. The company has generated over $88 since it was released in the market.

This is an incredible number considering the fact that you have many more franchises that don’t even make it to the top 5 like Marvel Entertainment and Star Wars. Nevertheless, this is showing how branding is so important in making a business, especially in the entertainment industry, successful.

Mickey Mouse & Friends 

Disney’s Mickey Mouse & Friends include all the proprietary properties included under this umbrella franchise like Pluto, Minnie Mouse, and Donald Duck. Arguably Disney’s greatest invention, Mickey Mouse & Friends are without a doubt the mascots of the company.

If you visit Disney Land and buy its merchandise, it’s impossible not to come across Mickey Mouse in any of its stores. It’s amazing how after almost a hundred years of prominence, Mickey Mouse & Friends continue to be dominant in the entertainment business. 

It also helps when the cartoons by themselves are great and funny and appeal to almost all types of people in the market. Now, Disney is about to monopolise the whole film industry by buying different assets in its own market like Marvel Entertainment and Lucasfilms that make it more appealing to a broader audience in the world. 

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